With Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Center service model measurements, to ensure the start of measurements and completion, Center service sends automatic e-mail reminder messages to the service provider and to the customer participating in the measurement. Messages are timed to be automatically sent if a certain time condition is met:

  • If the customer has not ordered the device within 7 days of sending the order link, customer will be automatically reminded to order device.
  • When the customer has made the order, the measurement needs to be started within a week of device arrival.   
  • If the customer has not entered the measurement start time within 10 days of making the order, we remind the customer to start measuring.
  • If the device has not been returned to the Firstbeat Center within 30 days of making the order, Firstbeat will remind the customer that, customer has one week to return the device, or the process proceeds to billing. At the same time, the service provider will be informed about the customer's late device return.

We will charge unreturned devices from the service provider. More information about this can be found in your Lifestyle Assessment contract.