Congratulations for joining the winning team with Firstbeat Sports Cloud account! Here is a quick walk-through how to get started.

Everything starts with registration and logging in to the new account. Firstbeat sends a welcoming email named "Welcome to use Firstbeat Sports" to the new coach with guidance how to register for the service and log in. See an example of this email below.

Clicking the Register button from the welcoming email opens the web browser and the you can pick a suitable password for the user account. If the Register button does not work the email has also the website URL displayed. Copy the provided URL and paste it to the web browser's address bar to access the site. 

Here is a picture what the password registration page looks like:

If the site is in an unfamiliar language, you can find the language selection dropdown from the top right corner. Available languages are English, Finnish, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

On the registration site you can enter your name and email (if not already entered), see your username and pick yourself a good password. Note that the default password you see on the registration site is just a recommendation. You can use that or make up your own password. The site also has some guidance how to pick a safe password. Remember that the password needs to be at least 10 characters long.

Once the password has been entered twice, click Save to register the details. The site will confirm that you are now registered and transfers you to the login page.

Give your username and the password you just selected and click Log in to access your account. 

When you're logging in for the first time Sports Cloud will walk you through the needed steps to get started. This is called the Setup wizard.

The steps to get started are:

  1. Personal info
  2. Default settings
  3. Team management
  4. Coach accounts
  5. Download

In the first step, give your personal information such as name, email, language and time zone. You can also add your profile a picture. Remember to click the Save button if you've made changes!

The second step is for the account's default settings. Here you can select the default units and HR zones which are then used during the real-time monitoring. Adding the HR zones is voluntary. If you don't know the zones, you can use the default values provided by the Sports Cloud.

The third step is Team management. Here you can create your team and add the athletes to your account and to the team. Click the Create new button to start creating your team.

Give your team a suitable name and click  OK to proceed to adding the athletes. Athlete profiles need to added one by one. Add athletes by clicking the Add new athlete button. 

Enter at least the required information. To add a new athlete profile, click the Save and add new button.

If you want to add a picture click the figure above the required information. 

When all the athletes have been added to the account and to the team, you can proceed to the next step which is Coach accounts. In this step you can add other coaches to your account. Click Add new coach button to add another coach.

If you don't have other coaches, just skip this step by clicking the Next button.

The final step is the Download. In this step you can download the Sports Monitor software to your computer.

This step will automatically recognise the computer operating system. In this example picture the computer OS was a Mac so the red Download for... button says "Mac". If you have a Windows, the red button would say Download for Windows.

To install the Sports Monitor software, follow the on-screen instructions. Once the Sports Monitor is installed successfully you can log in and the data you just entered to the Cloud will sync to the Sports Monitor. Then you're all set for the monitoring!

Note that you can always skip the whole setup wizard and do the steps one by one. If you want to start the setup wizard later you can do that by selecting the profile menu from the top right corner and from there the Setup wizard.

If there are any problems with accessing your account, adding coaches or players, or downloading the Sports Monitor, see here for more guidance: Sports (Cloud dashboard, Monitor, App). You can also click the Need help button from the bottom right corner of the Cloud website to access HelpCenter articles and send a support ticket to Firstbeat Support.

Read the Sports Quick start guide from here.