Fitness level is a feature in the Lifestyle Assessment which shows an estimated fitness level (VO2max) in ml/kg/min. To get the Fitness Level estimated the measurement participant can just go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes. The recommended steps is to walk in a relatively flat surface without any extra carriage or stops, or talking with a friend as this might affect the results. Fitness Level is estimated from the measurement data by comparing the load caused by walking to the walking speed. The Lifestyle Assessment automatically detects the appropriate data to make the estimate so there is no need to mark the walk to the journal. Fitness Level is printed to a separate report among with the other Liferstyle Assessment reports.

In group reporting the Fitness Level is shown if there has been 10 or more successful Fitness Level estimations among the individuals in the group.

Read more about the Fitness Level from Firstbeat's website here: Fitness Level