On rare occasions the Sport mobile app stops syncing measurements to the Cloud. If this happen, the most likely reason is that there is at least one measurement that is blocking the sync. Sync can get blocked if there have been emojis or other special characters used in the Notes, or the Internet connection has not been stble enough to complete the sync. To avoid this problem don't put emojis to the Notes and try to avoid special characters like %, /, [, ], etc. and connect the iPhone to a stable network.

But if the sync does get blocked, try these few troubleshooting options.

First, connect your iPhone to a strong Wi-Fi network, restart the Sports mobile app, and try to sync again. If this does not help, try next the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Connect the iPhone to a computer which has the iTunes app. Make sure you log in to the computer with an administrator account.
  2. Connect the iPhone with iTunes
  3. Go to File sharing folder
  4. Select Firstbeat Sports from the Apps list
  5. Save the Measurements folder to your computer's hard drive

The picture below should help you locate the correct folder from iTunes.

When the Measurements folder and all its contents have been saved to the computer's hard drive, delete the folder from iTunes. Disconnect the iPhone and restart the Sports mobile app. Next measurement should start syncing normally again.

Note! Unfortunately, the recorded sessions that weren't able to sync to the server will be lost. As they contain data which the server is not accepting, it can't be uploaded other ways either.