If you want to remove measurements periods from lifestyle assessment, that you don't want to include in report, you can do this in lifestyle assessments Measurements -view.

  • Search the correct assessment and open Measurements view
  • Select Edit measurements -button

  • After this select Select measurements...

  • From the window that opens, select option Select measurement

  • All uploaded measurements for client profile are shown. By removing the selectionfrom chosen measurement period, it won't be included into assessment. NOTE.¬†If you select the Delete -button that is shown in this view, all selected measurements will be completely removed from customers lifestyle assessment profile and the measurements can no longer be able to be returned to customers lifestyle assessment.
  • When wanted measurements have been selected, click¬†Analyze -button

Chosen measurement periods are analyzed and are shown in customers lifestyle assessment.

If selecting the measurements periods was not successful, you can contact Firstbeat Support.