Sending credentials to athletes is done from Sports Cloud. With the credentials the athlete can login to the Firstbeat Sports mobile app and to the Sports Cloud to see their personal results and edit personal information. Here is how you can send the credentials to the athlete:

1. Login to

2.  From the top-left-corner first select 'MENU' and from the drop-down menu select 'TEAM MANAGEMENT'

3. You can send the credentials to the athlete by clicking 'SEND' button under 'SEND CREDENTIALS'. If you have multiple teams, you can change the team from the team dropdown.

4. You should now get a notification that the credentials have been sent successfully. Click OK. If you don't get the notification or the notification indicates failed, check that the athlete's email is correct.

The athlete should now get the credentials to their email to login to Firstbeat Sports app and Sports Cloud. If the athlete forgets his/her login details, you can always re-send them following this same process.