NOTE! This article applies only to the Firstbeat textile heart rate belts with the memory recording capability!

After the session the Sports Monitor downloads the recorded data from the heart rate belt. In most cases this is successful but in some cases this might fail. Most commonly this happen because the recorded data has poor quality.

Here are some guidance how to ensure that downloading from the belt's memory is successful:

TIP 1: Start the recording when everyone is within the range

Don't let your athlete leave the range before you have started the session. At the start of the session Sports Monitor searches and connects to the heart rate belts, and the belts' memory recording feature is started. So keep your athletes near the receiver when starting the session. They can move farther away from the receiver after all the player tiles are shown in the session. 

Searching for the belts and connecting them usually takes about a few seconds per belt, and as the team receiver can connect up to 100 belts simultaneously, this steps really takes only a few seconds.

TIP 2: Stop the recording in time

Stop the recording while your athletes still are near the team receiver. The belts are in connection with the receiver even after you've stop the recording. They also need to be in connection with the receiver when downloading the data from the memory. If this connection is lost the data can't be downloaded from the memory, and the Sports Monitor uses the real-time data in the analysis. 

So don't let your athletes leave the range of the receiver or take off the belt while the session is being stopped and saved. They can leave when the Sports Monitor is ready and takes you to the Dashboard to review the data.

If your training has been within the range of the receiver, download failing should not affect the data, as the real-time data is available during the whole session. If you've stepped outside the range during the session, then it's essential to ensure that the downloading is successful. 

TIP 3: Keep the computer online

Don't close the laptop's lid or put the computer to sleep mode until the session is saved successfully. After ending the session, wait until the session is saved and the Sports Monitor takes you to the Dashboard for reviewing the results.

If the computer is powered down before the data is downloaded from the belts, the software uses real-time data for the analysis. In case some parts of the session were recorded outside the range of the receiver, there might be part missing from the data if the data was not successfully downloaded from the belt.

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If there are any problems downloading recorded data from the Firstbeat textile heart rate belt's memory, you can contact Firstbeat Support for further assistance.