In some cases the automatic update for the Sports Monitor application fails. Sports Monitor notifies about this with an error message that update failed. Most commonly it's because the virus protection software or the firewall blocks the software's access to the network. You can try adjusting the firewall settings to allow the Sports Monitor to connect the network, and then try the automatic update again.

If this does not help, the fastest way to get the software updated is to download the latest version from the Sports Cloud. You don't need to uninstall the previous version of Sports Monitor before downloading as the newest version will be installed on top of the older version to replace it.

Check here for a more detailed guide where to download the Sports Monitor software: Where to download the Sports Monitor

If you're computer is administered by an IT department, and you can't install software or updates on your own, you need to contact your administrator about the update. They can accept the update on your computer. 

If there are any problems with updating the Sports Monitor software, you can contact Firstbeat Support.