Firstbeat releases updates for the The Sports Monitor application a few times a year. Once the update is ready and available the software suggests to download and install it at software startup.

If the Sports Monitor on Mac OS X suggests the new update at each startup, even though it has been applied already, the reason most likely is that the previous version is still installed on the computer causing interference. This can happen if the previous version has not been replaced by the newest version during the installation process.

This problem can be avoided by carefully following the installation process. Here is a step-by-step guide how to correctly install the Sports Monitor on Mac:

STEP 1: Download the latest update

The update is suggested automatically at Sports Monitor startup. Click the Update button to start the download.

STEP 2: Agree the End-user License Agreement (EULA)

This agreement needs to be agreed in order to install the Sports Monitor. If you don't have time to read the agreement now, you can print or save the file to your computer. If you choose to disagree the agreement, the software will not be installed. Click Agree  button to proceed to next step.

STEP 3: Move the application to Applications folder

The Sports Monitor application is installed by dragging the application icon to the Application folder. 

Click and hold the Sports Monitor application icon on the left and drag it to the Applications folder on the right. When this is done your Mac will want to confirm what to do with the file as there already is an older version of the application with the same name.

STEP 4: Replace the older version with the newer version.

In this step it's important to click Replace button. This replaces the older version with the newer. Replacing does not affect any measurements or profiles you already have in the Sports Cloud system. All your previous data will be there when you have finished the update.

After clicking Replace button, your Mac starts to copy the necessary files to the Application folder. When this is finished the Application folder opens and you can start the software from there.

STEP 5: Start the software

Double-click the Sports Monitor icon from the Application folder to start the software and you can login normally.

FINAL STEP: Close unnecessary install dialogs

The window from step 3 remains open after you've dragged the application icon to the folder. You can close this window simply by clicking the red close button from the top left corner. There might also be "device" in your Finder named "Firstbeat SPORTS Monitor". You can remove that by clicking the eject icon next to the name. 

The software is now ready to use. It should not suggest a new update the next time you start the software. If there are any problems installing the software on a Mac, you can contact Firstbeat Support.