Data export is an additional feature in the Sports Cloud Premium package. This article is to explain how to create a data export file. More information about the feature, and the variables can be found from here.

To create the Data export, first log in to the Sports Cloud at Open the Data Export from the Cloud menu on the top left corner of the site.

From the team dropdown list select the team and/or the player whose data you want to export. You can filter the measurements with the options on the top of the Data export. 

Select the measurements that you want to be added to the data export from the measurement list. You can select up to 1000 measurements to one data export. When the measurements are selected, click 

In the opening dialog you can see how many measurements were selected for the data export.

If you are happy with the default settings continue by clicking the OK button. If you need to edit which variables are added to the export, click Advanced settings button. In the opening list, select the variables you need, include laps or select specific time period from the data, and when all the settings are done click Save button to return back to the Export .xlsx dialog. The data export remembers the settings for the next data export so you don't have to edit them every time if you always use the same variables when exporting. Click then the OK button to finally create the export file. 

Note that creating the export file will take some time depending on the number of measurements selected to the export. The more measurements you have in the export, the more time it will take. 

Export file will be automatically downloaded. You can open the file by clicking the downloaded file. In the export file each measurement is in individual rows. For example if you selected five players and one measurement for each player, you will have five rows in the data export file. The variables are then each in individual columns. If you have selected laps or time periods to the export you can find them in individual tabs in the excel sheet.