If a measurement ordered from Firstbeat Center fails for some reason, or the device gets lost at some point, you might need to make a reoder for your client. 

Reorders can be used when:

  • the device has malfunctioned during the measurement, or
  • the device gets lost in the post and is not returned in the Firstbeat Center, or
  • the measurement failed due to high percentage of missing data

Reorders can be made in the Lifestyle Assessment in the client's assessment. You can use the reorder feature if the first order was placed less than 40 days ago, or the report from first assessment was created less than 30 days ago. Reorder can be used only once per client.

Here is how to create the reorder in the Lifestyle Assessment:

1. Log in to the Lifestyle Assessment and find the client assessment with recent activity, or search.

2. Open the assessment from the "Device order" step: here you can see the status of the order and also the "Reorder..." button.

3. Click "Reorder..." button. Select the reason why the reorder is made. If you can't find a suitable reason from the provided list you can use the Other reason option. In this case clarify the reason in the empty text field below.

Click Next to proceed.

4. Select how you would like to order the new device. You can select to send it to the same address as the first order, or send the order link to the client, or order the device to you client yourself.

5. Finally, click Place order. You will get a confirmation that the order was placed successfully.

After the reorder is made, you can sit back and relax and wait for the new device to return to the Firstbeat Center, so you can make the reports. If creating the reorder fails, or you have further questions, contact Firstbeat Support.