In the Firstbeat Center distribution service each Bodyguard 2 device is assigned to individuals based on the devices' serial numbers and individual order IDs. Each device has a unique serial number which is printed to the device's tag and also coded to the device, and each order placed to the Firstbeat Center has unique order ID. The devices are prepared for a measurements with the Center device tool, and linked to individuals' order IDs.

Then when the device is returned to the Firstbeat Center, the Device tool recognises the serial number and sends the measurement data to the correct person based on the order ID. 

Note! Center's Device tool does not show any measurement data or any personal information the participant has filled in his/her journal. The tool only shows the device's serial number and the unique order ID number, not even the participant's email address. So the people working at the Firstbeat Center don't have any possibility to see the data or any details of it. So you can rest assure that only the Lifestyle Assessment specialist conducting your measurements sees the data.