Each coach on the team should have their own login details for the Sports Cloud account. Using the same login is not secure (as you should never share your passwords to anyone else) and the Sports Monitor reports are not delivered to the correct coach after the training session. This article shows how to add new coaches and delete coaches that are no longer using the Sports Cloud account.

Adding a coach

To add the coach, log in to the Sports Cloud from www.firstbeatsports.com . Coach management is under the profile menu on the top right corner.

To add a new coach click the Add new coach button on the bottom of the page.

Fill in all the details on the form. You can use the new coach's email address as a username or you can make up a new one. As long as the username is unique it is accepted.

Once all the required information is filled click the Save button on the bottom of the page.

You can now see the new coach on the Coach list. The login details have been sent automatically to the new coach's email address. 

All done! The new coach can now log in to the Sports Cloud to download the Sports Monitor and to adjust the team and players. See instructions here where to get the Sports Monitor.

Deleting a coach

When a coach does not need the login for Sports Cloud and Sports Monitor anymore, the login details can be deleted from the Sports Cloud. Log in to the Sports Cloud at www.firstbeatsports.com and open the profile menu on the top right corner. Select Coach management.

To delete the coach just click Delete icon.

You will get a pop-up to confirm if you really want to delete the coach.

Click OK to confirm and delete the coach.

Note! Deleting a coach does not delete any athlete profiles, teams or its subgroups. Only the coach login details and its settings are deleted.

Once the coach is deleted, it's no longer shown in the Coach list and that coach can't log in to the Sports Cloud or Sports Monitor anymore.