Lifestyle Assessment uses the Uploader Plugin to communicate with the Bodyguard 2 device. The Uploader Plugin is used when the device is prepared to an assessment and when the measurements are uploaded to the assessment. More information about the Uploader Plugin and guidance for installing the tool can be found here

If the Lifestyle Assessment does not find your Bodyguard 2 device the problem is most likely that either the Plugin has not been installed correctly or the Plugin is disabled. The device can also be broken. Check first if there are any light on in the device. When the device is in connection with the computer there should be a green and a yellow LEDs on. If there are no lights on, try another USB port and leave the device to the USB port for a while in case the battery is very low. If no lights turn on, the device is faulty and you can fill in the faulty device report.

If the Bodyguard 2 device's light are all on and the Lifestyle Assessment still does not find the device, the issue is most likely with the Plugin. Try first restarting your browser. If you are using a Mac make sure to quit the browser by pressing cmd+Q keys, or by selecting Quit from the menu. If restarting the browser didn't help, check if the Plugin is disabled. Below you can find instructions how to manage plugins in different browsers.

Internet Explorer (click the link to go to Microsoft's instructions site)

Google Chrome

After installing the Plugin, and the extension for Chrome browser, you should be able to find the Firstbeat Uploader Plugin icon on the right corner.

Click the icon and select "Manage extensions". From the opening list find "Firstbeat Uploader Plugin extension" and check that it is enabled.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the Menu icon in the top right corner and select "Add-ons".

From the opening list find the Firstbeat Uploader Plugin Extension for Firefox and check that is is enabled.

You might need to restart the browser after making changes. Finally check that the Lifestyle Assessment is able to find the Bodyguard 2 device. If still nothing, contact Firstbeat Support.