When the training session is over the Sports Monitor downloads and saves the measurements. Sports Monitor shows all the profiles who were in the session and their belt IDs on the left side of the view after the session. Each belt ID has a status for the on-going process. Here we have explained the different statuses the Sports Monitor shows after the session. Some of the statuses just flash by, so you might not even see them, but we still wanted to list all of them.

Status Name
Status Explanation
The memory recording started normally and device is recording data.
Downloading failed
The memory data was not successfully downloaded from the belt because the Monitor was not able to read the belt’s memory because,
  1. the recorded data was corrupted, or
  2. the connection to the receiver was lost during download (receiver was disconnected).
No memory
There is no memory feature in the detected device (Firstbeat Plastic heart rate belt).
Starting recording failed
The belt is not able to start the recording because,
  1. the radio connection to the receiver is poor or weak, or
  2. there is external interference from other radio transmitting devices blocking the connection, 
and the belt fails to get the command from the receiver to start the recording.
Stopping recordingThe belt is still recording but the session has ended and recording is being stopped soon.
Recording stoppedThe belt is no longer recording heart rate data.
Preparing downloadDevice is preparing the recorded data for download.
DownloadingRecorded data is being downloaded from the device memory.
No recorded dataResetting the memory at session start-up failed and memory recording could not start. Thus, there is no recorded data in the device memory.
Data downloadedThe recorded data was successfully downloaded from the memory.

Most of these statuses are related to the Firstbeat textile heart rate belt with the Bluetooth feature. So, if you are using the Firstbeat plastic belts, you would only see "No memory" status after the session.