Athlete has a feature coded to the software that tries to automatically upload new Garmin measurements. The feature opens a pop-up named "Loading Garmin measurement" at software start-up. Also this pop-up which might not close automatically so it can be annoying to click the Close button every time you start the software. This pop-up appears especially if you have a Garmin device and the Garmin Express software on your computer.

The automatic uploading worked previously with the old Garmin ANT Agent software, which is sadly not available anymore, and with Forerunner 610 and 910xt devices. Since the Athlete software has been discontinued, we are not making any changes to the software, but there is a way to disable the annoying pop-up. Thanks to one of our vigilant customers we now have a guidance for you!

The feature is trying to upload new Garmin measurements from a Garmin folder on your computer. And in this folder there is a Devices folder. This Devices folder causes the pop-up to open up. By deleting the Devices folder, you can say goodbye to the pop-up! Follow these instructions to complete the fix:

  1. Find the Garmin folder on your computer. The folder is hidden as default so if you can't find it you need to enable hidden files and folders. Here is guidance how to do it in Windows. And the folder location on your computer is this: C:\Users\[Your computer's username]\AppData\Roaming\Garmin.
  2. Check that the Devices folder is empty.
  3. Delete the Devices folder.

All done! The pop-up should stop opening at software start-up now and you can get back to using the software without any extra clicks.