Measurements can be deleted from Sports Cloud's Dashboard. You can delete one measurement from one profile at a time. Multiple measurements can't be deleted at the same time. 

Follow these instructions to delete measurements from Sports Cloud:

1. Log in to the Sports Cloud from The Dashboard opens automatically.

2. Select the player whose measurement you want to delete by opening the Team dropdown list and clicking on the player's name. You would see your own teams' names in the dropdown list. You can use the Search box to filter your player list and to find the correct profile faster.

3. Next select the day when this session you are deleting is recorded. Scroll to the correct day by using the calendar icon or the arrow button in the Training and recovery chart. You can identify the selected date from the red "Selected" box.

4. Click the session tab to open the measurement details. After this the setting button next to the session tab become enabled.

5. Click the settings button next to the session tab to open the settings dialog.

6. From the Settings dialog click the trash bin icon to delete the selected measurement.

7. Finally confirm that you really want to delete the measurement permanently by clicking Yes. If you didn't mean to delete the measurement click No to cancel the operation.

After clicking the Yes button the measurement is deleted permanently from the selected player's profile and it will no longer be available in the Sports Cloud. 

Note: Deleted measurements can't be brought back to the Cloud as they are also deleted permanently from the server. Make sure that you only delete measurements you really want to delete!