Creating a backup file

Before deleting and reinstalling the software it's good to create a backup file of the Sports measurement database. It can be done with the 'System backup'.

In order to create the backup file, select 'Create backup file'.

Save the backup file to a desired location on your computer. If you are about to install the software to another computer, it would be good to save the backup file to a portable memory, for example to a memory stick or an external hard drive.

When the backup file has been created, Sports can be uninstalled from the computer. If you want to save the reports you have created and/or the possible files uploaded from your heart rate devices, copy also the Firstbeat Files folder from C-drive to the portable memory.

Sports can be downloaded from Firsbeat websites. Note that in order to activate the software you will need a new activation key. If you still have license time left, please send a message with your original activation key to Firstbeat Support.

Importing the backup file to a new computer

When Sports has been installed and activated, you can import the backup file.
This time select 'System backup' > 'Restore from backupfile'.

Select the folder where the backup file is saved. Importing the backup file may take several minutes depending on how big the backup is, i.e. many measurements the file includes.

When the backup file has been successfully imported, you juts need to reanalyze the measurements.