In this case the Sports software appears first to start normally by showing the normal startup screens and checking for new updates, but then it's left to background. The software icon is shown normally in the Windows Task bar but clicking the icon does not open the software or results to an error message telling that the software is already running. Sports software is also running in the processes in the Windows Task Manager. 

The cause for this problem could be that the Sports software has lost it's screen dimensions and is confused.

To solve this problem try these two steps:

1. End the Sports process from the Task Manager and restart the software.

  • To open the Task manager, right-click the Task bar and select Task Manager. 
  • From the opening dialog select Processes tab. 
  • Find the Firstbeat Sports process, click it from the list so that is becomes selected and finally click End process button.

If ending the process does not help right away, try restarting your computer after it. If this first step does not help proceed to the second.

2. Reset the Sports software run settings

  • Shut down the Sports from the Task Manager
  • Find the Sports desktop icon on your desktop
  • Right-click the desktop icon and select Properties
  • Open Shortcut tab
  • From the Run drop-down list select the option Minimized
  • Click Apply and then accept the changes if you Windows notifies you about the change. Finally click OK.
Then start the Sports software. It should now open normally.

If the problem persists even after applying this changes, contact Firstbeat Support.