In some occasions the synchronization to the Firstbeat Sports Cloud from the Sports Monitor might fail. We have gathered here the most common reasons to why this sync might fail.

Issue #1: Outdated version of the Sports Monitor

Some previous Sports Monitor versions were more vulnerable to sync errors than the newest version. In order to ensure a reliable synchronization from Sports Monitor to Sports Cloud, check that you have the latest version installed. The Sports Monitor version can be checked from the Monitor's Help menu.

The latest version number can be checked from the Release info. Sports Monitor automatically suggests the update when one is available. If it doesn't, something might be blocking the automatic update. See here for further help how to resolve that issue. 

Issue #2: The real-time measurement has failed

The real-time measurement can fail if the measurement is too short for the analysis, meaning that it is under 2 minutes long. The Sports server rejects these types measurements which means that they can't be synced. Usually these types of measurements don't block the sync of other measurements from that session.

Issue #3: Network connection is bad or missing

If the network connection is bad, or poor quality and there is a lot of data to be synced, the Sports Monitor might not be able to sync all of them at once. In this case the Sync button in the Dashboard should be clicked again to restart the sync process. If this does not help, try restarting the whole software. And if the network connection is missing entirely the software can't naturally sync the data at all. Connect the computer to a network and restart the software. 

If there are any problems with the Sports Monitor syncing information to the Sports Cloud, you can contact Firstbeat Support for further assistance.