There are three additional report that you can create in the Lifestyle Assessment: Training Effect report, Physical workload report and the Specialist report.

The Training effect report has one page per exercise, Physical workload report has two pages per day and the Specialist report has one page per client.

New Lifestyle Assessment

The three additional reports can be created at the same time as the regular assessment reports.

Before creating the reports, open the Report settingsThere, click Select button next to Reports to open the report selection dialog.

Select from the which reports you would like to create. You can select all of them or just one or two.

After selecting, click OK button. Finally create the reports. Training Effect and the Physical workload reports are added with the normal Lifestyle Assessment reports, but the Specialist report is printed as a separate report. You can also create them individually without the Lifestyle Assessment reports.

Note! Remember that the Specialist report is only for backing up the interpretation, it is not to be given to the client.

The Physical workload reports can be created either from just the work periods or from the whole measurement day. You can change this setting by going to My account -> My settings and selecting Settings tab. Set Create Physical Workload report from worktime only on or off. When this selection is on the Physical workload report is created only from the marked work periods, and if it's off the report is created from the whole day including the sleep periods.

Old Lifestyle Assessment

In the old version Lifestyle Assessment creating the additional reports takes a few extra steps more.

When creating reports, you can select the Specialist report and the assessment reports at the same time.

The Training Effect report can be created with the Lifestyle Assessment reports or separately from the assessment reports. If you want the report to be created automatically at the same time as the assessment reports, you need to set this on from your settings.

  • Select My settings and click Assessment options tab.
  • Click on the Create Training effect reports in Lifestyle Assessment

Remember to save the changes.

After this setting is set on the Training effect report is created with the assessment report every time the analysis founds an exercise from the measurement. When the exercise is found, an additional dialog will open. In this dialog you can select which periods will be created as Training effect reports. You can also skip this step if you don't want to create the reports after all.

The Training effect report can also be created separately from the assessment reports. When you want to create the report separately choose Assessment reports on and click Select reports. When you click the Create reports button, you can choose which report to create. From this list select Training Effect report. If the analysis find an exercise from the measurement, the same additional dialog opens, as when creating the Training Effect report with the assessment reports.

The Physical workload report can be created with the Lifestyle assessment reports or as a separate report from the assessment reports. This report is not created automatically like the Training effect report, you need to use the Select reports feature when creating the reports.

You can choose if the report is created only from the work period or from the whole measurement day. This setting can be changed from My settings. Open the Assessment options tab and choose the Create Physical Workload report from work time only on or off. If this selection is on, the report is created just from the work periods, and if the setting is off the report is created from the whole measurement day, including the sleep period. The Physical Workload report is created from all the work periods, or from all the measurements days, depending on is the setting mentioned above selected on or off.