Individual assessment

First open the assessment that you want to send the journal link for. You can use the Recent activity button or the Search to find the correct assessment. When the assessment is opened, select Check client informationUnder the client information details you can find the information when the link has been sent. Click the Re-send link to send the journal link to your client. The service will request a confirmation of sending, so check that the email address is correct, and if everything is OK, click Yes.

If the client has not filled in all of his/her journal events you can also send him/her a reminder to fill them in. In this case click the Send reminder link. You can check when the link expires from the Start assessment step. That is the first step from the left in the bottom navigation pane.

Group assessment

Select the group where this assessment is. You can use the front page's Search or Recent activity for this or select the group from Groups -> View recent group or Select group. When the group opens go to Client's Information step. Here you can see the list of participants, each one on individual rows. The first button after the name is the Journal link information

Click the View button to see the status of the link and resend it.

You can check the email address and change it if necessary. Note that if you change the email address here, the new email address will be updated to the person's profile information.

Click Re-send button to send the journal link again. You will get a confirmation that the link was sent.