A username and password are not needed to start the Sports software. This is an error caused by the database file. It might have been copied from its original location or it is corrupted.

To fix this problem a reinstall of Sports software is required. Follow the steps below in order to avoid losing your profile and measurement data:

  1. Go to this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Firstbeat\Firstbeat SPORTS\Data and check the database file named firstbeat.ib.
  2. Copy the firstbeat.ib database file to another location, for example to desktop.
  3. Then copy it again to the same location and rename the second copy by replacing the .ib suffix with .fbu. The filename should now be firstbeat.fbu. This converts the database file to a system backup file.
  4. Now you should have two files in the location you chose in step 2: firstbeat.ib and firstbeat.fbu

Now you can uninstall Sports software from your computer. If the Sports activation key is not valid anymore, contact Firstbeat Support for a new activation key. After reinstalling and activating the Sports software follow these steps to restore your profile and measurement data:

  1. In Sports, select File -> System backup -> Restore from file and select the second file which you previously renamed to firstbeat.fbu.
  2. After the restore is finished, go through the files to check that every profile and measurement is there.
  3. If necessary, start the Multianalysis tool to analyze the data again.

There is a minor risk of losing your profile and measurement data. If you have any hesitations about how to perform this fix, contact Firstbeat Support.