Athlete activation process consists of three steps which all have different keys.

Step 1: Activation key

Write the 25-character Activation key to the required text field and click 'Next'.

The activation key has been sent to you with the purchase confirmation. If you have lost your activation key, you can contact Firstbeat Support and ask your key.

Step 2: Install key

Copy the 30-charcter Install key to the subject field of an email message, leave the message part empty and send the email to Do not send any attachments with the email or send the message to other addresses at the same time!


You will receiver a User key which needed in next phase, as a reply for your email. Do not advance to Step 3 before you get the reply with the User key!

Step 3: User key

When the automated Athlete activation service has received and accepted your Install key, it will send you the User key. Only after getting the User key, click 'Next' in Step 2.

Write the 30-character User key to the required field in step 3 and click 'Activate'.

If you have problems in any of the steps during the activation, contact Firstbeat Support. To speed up the service, send your activation key in the same message, if possible.