Bodyguard 2 firmware is recommended to update once in a while. Lifestyle Assessment will give a notification if your device has an old firmware and when the new one is available. The service will also instruct you to do the update.

Update is not necessary and the device will not stop working even though the update is not applied right away. Still it is recommended to always install the newest updates to the device. Newest firmware version guarantees the reliable function of the device. Just purchased, new Bodyguard 2 devices will always have the newest firmware.

The Bodyguard 2 firmware is updated with small update software which is installed locally to your computer. If there is an IT-support in your company, or some other department takes care of your computer's updates and installations, ask them to help you with the firmware update. 

Devices are updated one by one. Updating one device will take about 20 seconds. After all the devices are updated the update software can be removed from computer. When there is a new firmware version released we will do a new update software for that so the old software is not needed anymore.

You can get the latest firmware from here. The guide will contain full instructions how to install the update software and how to apply the firmware update to the device.


Bodyguard 2 firmware can be updated only with Windows PC computers. The update software is not compatible with Mac OS X. If you do not have a chance to use a Windows computer, you can submit a service request here and request that we update your device for you. Remember, do not send us any devices before your service request has been processed and you have received further instructions from Firstbeat.