First make sure that device is plugged to computer's USB port. Make also sure that green and orange leg lights are burning (orange light can be flashing if the device battery is not fully charged).

If you can't see any lights in the device let the device charge about 5 minutes and check the connection again. If there still are no lights, the device can be faulty and it should be sent to repair. You can fill the service report here.

If the green light is not burning (but orange light is on or flashes):

  • Try to plug the device to some other USB port.
  • Check that the device is installed to your computer. This is done automatically unless you don't have admin rights to your computer. In this case, consult your IT department for help to get the device installed.
  • Test with another computer.
  • Check that you have a software that is compatible with the device installed to your computer. Compatible Firstbeat programs are:
    · Firstbeat Uploader Plugin (If the Uploader Plugin has just been installed, restart the browser and check the connection again)

    · Firstbeat Uploader

    · Firstbeat Sports (Team or Individual)

    · Firstbeat Sports Uploader

Installation packages for the compatible programs can be found below (click the software name to open the download link):

Uploader Plugin (works with the Lifestyle Assessment service and Sports Cloud, not as an independent uploading tool)

Uploader desktop tool

Sports Team or Individual (Note that Sports team is not a free software)

Sports Uploader

If the device still does not connect with the computer it might be faulty. In this case you can send the device to repair by filling the faulty device report. You can also contact Firstbeat Support if needed.

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