Uploading measurements from Garmin Forerunner 610/910xt stops

Check that your device is set to record R-R data. If you have the Garmin ANT Agent software you can check this from the Garmin device configuration tool in Sports (or Athlete). If you no longer have the ANT Agent software installed you can set your device to record R-R data by following these instructions.

Next check that there aren't measurements in the Garmin folder that don't have the R-R data. Measurement that don't have the R-R data cannot be analyzed in the Firstbeat program, because the analysis is based on the heart rate variability and information we get from it. That is why the uploading may also fail.
The Garmin folder should be in your computer here: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\Devices\[YOUR DEVICE ID]\Activities. If you are unable to find the folder, try setting the File Explorer to show hidden files and folders.

If there are older measurement files in the Garmin folder from the time before you set the device to record R-R data, these files need to be removed or relocated to another folder. They will prevent the upload of the compatible measurement files.

Analyzing Garmin measurement fails


If analyzing the Garmin measurement files fails that is most likely caused by a file that does not contain the R-R data. You will recognize this kind of measurement from a maximum error percentage (100%), heart rate is 1 bpm and the training effect is 1. In addition, the heart rate graph is a red line or there is no heart rate graph at all.

First, check that the R-R recording is set on to the device (see above). Then make a short test measurement that is at least 2 minutes long and upload it to Sports to check that the setting went really on.

If the setting was already on and still the measurement upload or analysis of the Garmin measurement fails, you can contact Firstbeat Support.