If the journal link of the Lifestyle analysis is not working here are the two most common options: Either the link has been expired or Internet browser does not support the web page.

If the link has been expired you will see this announcement:

In this case, please contact your service provider to get a new link. After getting a new link you are able to continue filling journal markings normally. All markings you have done earlier are saved. The name of your contact person can be found from the signature of the email with the first journal link.

If opening the journal link fails because of the browser it will notify about it with the error message. The most common reason why the browser is not supporting the page is that the browser version is too old. In this case, please check from your browser's settings if there is available updates and update the browser if possible.

Try also open the link with some other browser or mobile device.

If you still are not able to open the link or you get some error message not mentioned here, please contact Firstbeat Support.