Attaching the electrodes correctly ensures a successful measurement. Follow these instructions to attach the electrodes correctly:

  • First attach electrodes to the both ends of the Bodyguard device. 
  • Remove the protective back covers of the electrodes. 
  • Attach the electrode in the device's larger end to the right side of the body under the collarbone and the electrode in the cable end to the left side of the body on the fib cage. 
  • Make sure that the electrodes hold and the contact to skin is proper. 
To improve the contact it might be necessary to shave the chest hair from the contact area. The electrodes can be left on the skin during shower. However, if they come loose during the shower or after attaching the device to them, you need to replace the electrodes with new ones.

The correct place to attach the device can be seen in the picture below:

Check also the video about how to use Bodyguard 2 device.


We recommend changing the electrodes to fresh ones at least once a day. The adhesive or conductive gel in the electrodes can irritate your skin, but you can slightly alter electrode location when you change them. To avoid irritation, please wipe your skin clean and dry after you remove the electrodes. If the electrodes cause a rash, the irritation is significant or you suspect an allergic reaction, you should end the measurement right away and clean your skin well afterwards. If needed, contact a doctor.