When the device is working normally you can see the green light flashing in sync with your heart rate. If you suspect that the device is not working normally, check these:

  • The green light is quite dim in the daylight so please check the light also in the dark place. Since the device has a "night mode" as a default, the green light is even dimmer between 10 p.m and 6 a.m.
  • Check the fastening of the electrodes and the device: are the electrodes in the correct places and well attached to the skin, and is the device in the correct side of your body (see the instructions: Attaching device and electrodes).

If the green light is still not flashing normally, here are few other solutions:

Device stopped flashing during exercise
Intense sweating (for example while exercising) may loosen the electrode contact as well as heat up and moisturize the device.  This may cause the device to lost the heart rate signal and to stop flashing. Before continuing the measurement please clean and dry the device and skin. If needed detach the cable of the device, dry the USB connector and attach the cable back. Change also new  electrodes.

Device does not turn on after shower
Your skin may be still moisture after shower which is why the electrodes may not get proper contact right away and the device is not able to find heart rate signal. Also possible use of moisturizing cream prevents the proper electrode contact. Before attaching the device and electrodes, dry the skin carefully and wait that the moisturizing cream has absorbed. Change also new electrodes. If the green light of the device does not start flashing right away, please let it be attached and check the situation again after half an hour.

Charge the device battery
See here instructions for charging the battery.

In case you are participating the Lifestyle Assessment measurement and the device still does not turn on, please contact your service provider to get further instructions. You can find the name of the service provider from the email where the link to your journal is.

If you own the Bodyguard 2 device and the device is not working normally, you can fill in the faulty devices report.