In this article we have gathered the frequently asked questions about fitness tests in Sports software.

What does the "Averages calculation time" mean?

The averages calculation time means the time period from which the average heart rate is calculated in each stage (starting from the stage end time). For example, if the stage duration is 3 minutes, and the averages calculation time is 30 secodns, the average heart rate for the stage is calculated between 2:30 to 3:00.

What does the "Recovery duration" mean?

The recovery duration can be used if the test is paused between stages for example when there are lactate tests between stages.

What does the "Starting angle" and the "Angel increment" mean, when creating the maximal fitness test protocol?

If you want to use the running protocol, where the treadmill's angle increases, you can determine the starting angle in degrees with the "Starting angle" value. You can keep the angle constant by selecting 0 to the "angle increment", or you can determine the increment in degrees by giving a value of your choosing. The treadmill's angle will then increase by that value at the start of each stage.

What does the "starting increment stage" mean?

It is possible to create a fitness test where the work load increases after each stage first by increasing the treadmill's speed and then the angle. This kind of test can be used with a "non-runners", since the running speed is not the limiting factor for performing the test.

How is the VO2max value calculated in the fitness tests?

VO2max (ml/kg/min) is estimated from the workload using the equations published in scientific journals for running, walking, cycling and rowing. You can read more about the VO2max from here.

What is the "Firstbeat Fitness Test"?

Firstbeat Firstbeat Test can be created from every running exercise when there is heart rate and GPS/speed data. The Fitness Test does not need a special protocol, because the VO2max value is estimated from the speed/HR relationships using the advanced data segmentation. You can read more about the Firstbeat Fitness Test from here.

How to create own fitness test protocols with Sports software?

In addition to already existing protocols such as beep test, Conconi and YoYo-tests, you can also create your own submaximal or maximal fitness testing protocol. The feature supports protocols for cycling, rowing, running and walking given that the external load is available (watts, speed).

Just select submaximal/maximal fitness test and click “Create new” to define your starting workload, stage duration and workload increments between stages.

Please note that the real time test guidance is not available. You should perform the test following the planned protocol, collect the heart rate data during the test and afterwards create fitness test report from the test.
More informationa about the Fitness Tests in Sports software can be found from the Sports User Guide.