The use and preservation of personal data are monitored by several laws which Firstbeat is also following in our own measurements. Company has a responsibility to have a description of the file about measurements they are operating with. While our service providers are doing measurements, the responsibility to maintain the description is theirs. In Firstbeat's own measurements the description of the file is available on request.

Main points of the Firstbeat's description of the file:

  • The personal data may not be transferred without the data subject's consent outside the Firstbeat. The data can for example be transferred to occupational health care only with subject's own permission.
  • Use of personal data for statistical purposes is automated in a way that individual data subjects cannot be identified in any stage of the process.
  • Firstbeat will protect the data file so that only the personnel authorized by Firstbeat have a right to process the file. This means that the data can be viewed only by professional users Firstbeat has qualified. Service providers' access to data file is restricted to regard solely their own customers.
  • Firstbeat undertakes to ensure that all data systems are sufficiently protected and all computer equipments are protected with passwords.