With Sports software is is possible to do a deep analysis of the measurement data. The results are exported to a csv-file which can be opened with for example Excel.

Data Export can create the csv- files from both scalar and vector variables from various HR and HRV parameters.

Here is how to create the Data Export:

1. First select measurement the from which you want to create the Data Export from

2. Select File - Export... - Data Export

3. Select the variable that you want to include to the csv-files.

4. Click "Save..." to start the Data Export. Then choose a folder for the export files. As default the files are saved to Firstbeat Files folder under the selected profile's folder.

With the Data Export it is possible to create three different files: csv-file, which contain the scalar and vector variables; IBI-file, which contains the corrected and uncorrected heart rate variability data; and the Misc vectors -files which contains the RMSSD- data for 1 minute and 5 minute calculation periods. You can choose the two latter extra reports in the Data Export dialog before saving the export files. All the selected reports will be saved to the same location.