It is possible to upload measurements from Moveescount to Athlete when there is a compatible Suunto device in use and the Movescount settings have been applied to Athlete. You will also need to accept Athlete's connection request in Movescount. Follow these instruction to set the connection up.

Applying the Movescount settings to Athlete

Open Options menu by selecting Tools - Options.

From the Options menu select Other settings - tab.

Enter the same email that you use with your account. Select the date from whereon Athlete will start looking for new measurements. you can also select that new measurements are check from Movescount on Athlete startup. Remember to save the changes by clicking the "OK" button.

After these settings are saved, log in to your account. There should be a connection request from Athlete waiting. Accept the connection request to start the measurement upload.

Uploading the measurements

You can upload the measurements from Movescount automatically on Athlete startup, or manually by selecting the "Load R-R file" button.

Click the "" button to start the measurements upload.

Athlete can upload a total number of 200 measurements from Movescount at a time. The upload will start from that date you set to Athlete settings. Athlete will search through to already uploaded measurements, so if Athlete does not find any new measurements the date might be too far in the past. If there are any issues with the upload from Movescount to Athlete see here for more instructions.