Uploading measurements from Movescount to Sports or Sports Individual is possible when there is a compatible Suunto device in use and when the Movescount settings have been applied to Sports or Sports Individual software. Before the uploading can begin the connection request from Sports need to be accepted in Movescoun service. Follow these instructions to get the connection working.

1. Applying the Movescount settings to Sports

Open the settings tool by selecting Tools - Movescount settings.

Give the email addresses for the profiles whose measurements you wish to upload from Movescount. Make sure you use the same email address as in Movescount.

You can select on the Automatic download. This means that the new measurements are uploaded from Movescount each time when the Sports software is started. Remember to click "OK" to save the settings. Sports software will now send the connection request to the persons' Movescount account.

2. Accepting the connection request in Movescount

Next instruct all the athletes whose email address's you added to Sports to log in to their Movescount account. There should be a connection request from Sports waiting. This request needs to be accepted to get the measurements from Movescount uploaded to Sports.

3. Measurement uploading

You can select that the measurements are uploaded automatically each time when Sports software is started, or you can upload measurements manually. If the automatic uploading it not in use start the manual uploading by selecting "Load R-R files" button and there "Suunto Movescount" button.

Select the time period for the upload. After the measurements have been uploaded to Sports, you can analyze them and create reports from them.