If Sports software notifies that Suunto Memory belt or Team POD was not found, check first that the Moveslink software is shut down. This program reserves the Suunto device drivers so that Firstbeat programs are unable to connect to the device.

If the Moveslink is already shut down and still not connection, the reason is most likely that there is an incompatible Suunto device driver installed to your computer. The driver which is automatically installed with the Sports software is for a 32-bit Windows operating system. There is a 64-bit driver available in the Sports installation folder. As default the directory for the folder is this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Firstbeat\Firstbeat SPORTS\Drivers

Install the file named "Suunto Belt_TeamPod_PCPod_64bit". Then test the connection with Firstbeat Sports.

If the connection is not working check these guides one by one.

Checking and changing the driver version

Connect the Memory belt to the docking station or the Team POD to the USB port. Make sure that the belt is connected securely. Open Control Panel's Device manager. When the Suunto device is connected you can see it under "Ports".

Double-click the device from the list.

Open the Driver -tab and check which version is installed. If the version is other than the version displayed in the picture above, you need to change it. To change the driver, click "Update driver" button. From the picture below, select the second option, "Browse my computer for driver software".

Next check the lowest selection, "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer". Remove the selection from "Show compatible hardware".

From the list of the left select "Suunto" and from the list on the right select the driver which has the version Click "Next" and your computer start installing the driver. After installation is completed, your computer might require a restart.

Finally test the connection with Firstbeat Sports.

Removing and reinstalling the driver

If changing the driver does not work you need to uninstall Suunto USB drivers from your computer. Open Control Panel's ‘Programs and features’. Find all the programs that start by the name ‘Suunto USB…’ and uninstall them. After removing the drivers install the them again from the Firstbeat program’s installation folder like instructed above.

After this test the connection with the Firstbeat software. If the device is still not found, try the guide above for changing the driver version.

Removing the wrong driver versions

If uninstalling and re-installing the driver does not work and you still are not able to connect your device with the Firstbeat program you need to remove the incompatible driver from your computer. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open folder C:\Windows\System32
  2. Copy the following files away from the Systme32 folder to a different location, for example to desktop.
    1. silabenm.sys
    2. silabser.sys
    3. wdtCoinstaller01009.dll
  3. Connect your device (Team Pod or docking station and Memory belt) to computer's USB port. Windows should now automatically install the compatible driver.
Finally, check the connection with the Firstbeat software. If  the device is still not found you can install it with the above instructions.

Note! This guide applies to both Suunto Memory belt and Suunto Team POD. It can also be used if these devices are used with Athlete software.