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Live EPOC value on Garmin 10130 / 935 devices ?


Is-there a way to display live EPOC value during a training session on Garmin 1030 / 935 ?

It would be very useful to calibrate intensity training sessions duration...

If it is not possible, could evolution of "Performance Condition" field during a training session help to monitor optimal duration of the training session ?

Thanks for your help.


Patrick Renard

Hi Patrick!

Thanks for your question. At the moment the Garmin devices don't show EPOC values during training. If you feel that this feature is valuable and should be added to these devices, you can send Garmin a feature request. 

The performance condition feature mirrors the training to your VO2max baseline. The scale for this is from -5 to +5. -5 to -1 means that the performance is decreased and +1 to +5 means that the performance during the training is good. You can see this value live from your device when you set the Performance condition widget on to your device. 

This feature can indeed be helpful when determining the duration of the training.

I hope this answer was helpful! If you have other questions, please feel free to write us again. 

Thanks Nelli.

What is the procedure to open a "Garmin a feature request" to add EPOC datafield ?



Hi Patrick!

You can for example go to Garmin Forums and write you request to a specific forum post (, or contact Garmin Support via their online forms or by calling your local Garmin support number.

I hope this info helps!

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